Speech Topics - Language

7th Grade

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11th Grade

Project - Language 11th Grade




I Period




Due date: TBA


Groups of 7 (Do not meet outside school, split the work)




Expressing ideas orally without the need of memorization.


Using the vocabulary studied within speech.


Applying the grammar requested within a particular context.


Showing creativity, responsibility and cooperation, among other values, at all times.




TV Talk Show: "Good Morning Costa Rica"


- Discuss the topic of friendship: “What makes a good friend?”, “What attitudes can ruin a friendship?”, “What should friends have in common?”, “How can you make new friends?”, “How can you maintain friendships?” (Unit 1)


- Give advice on how to make good first impressions and how to overcome a bad first impression. (Unit 2). See ex. 1, 4, 7 - 2B.


- Talk about the newest fashion trends (Unit 2).


Apply the following grammar structures:


- phrasal verbs                                              - verb patterns


- gerund and infinitive constructions              - cleft sentences with what




Develop the topic thoroughly. Include a PowerPoint presentation and additional materials to enrich the work. Food and candy are not valid additional materials unless the teacher authorizes it. The projector and materials must be set up before the class starts.




The presentation can be made before the due date, but never after.