School Year 2019

Hello my dear students. I'm really excited to begin this new school year, and I'm looking forward to facing all the challenges it will bring. I hope you are, too.


Don't forget to check this page from time to time to see if I have posted information you may further need.


This is it for now. See you in class.

Supply List


1 notebook (150 pgs.) 

A folder
A monthly planner 
Index cards 
Colored pens 
Pens and pencils 

Language Books

Interchange 1 – 7th Grade 
Interchange 2 – 8th
Interchange 3 – 9th
Passages 1 – 10th
Passages 2 – 11th

Reading Books

Reading Explorer 1 – 7th Grade 
Reading Explorer 2 – 8th
Reading Explorer 3 – 9th
Reading Explorer 4 – 10th
Reading Explorer 4 (to finish last year’s book) – 11th

Daily Prayer

The Peace Prayer




Every Day Class Work: 10%

Oral Presentation(s) 8%
Extra-Class Work: 12%
Tests: 70%

Everyday Class Work

The student…
- works individually and in groups, completing the assigned tasks on time.

- participates actively and applies the required language at all times.

- brings homework, and presents it in a neat and tidy way.

- shows the book(s) and notebook with all the exercises done, organized, and in pencil.

- brings the materials including signed documents requested by the teacher.


Evaluation Criteria:
5= Always

4= Almost always

3= Sometimes

2= Almost never

1= Never

Written Performance


5= The ideas are accurate and expressed very clearly, with good spelling and grammar. The topic is explained thoroughly. The studied vocabulary is applied correctly.

4= The ideas are quite accurate and clear. The topic is properly explained. There are few grammar and spelling mistakes. The vocabulary is appropriate but a little limited.

3= The ideas are understandable, somewhat accurate, but not thoroughly explained. There are several grammar and spelling mistakes. Vocabulary is adequate but limited.

2= The ideas are not accurate enough. The message is difficult to understand. Many spelling and grammar mistakes are made. There is inappropriate use of the vocabulary.

1= The message is impossible to understand. There are a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. There is notorious lack of vocabulary. 

Test Topics - Language

7th Grade

Topics Language Tests 7th Grade.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 288.2 KB

8th Grade

Topics Language Tests 8th Grade.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 345.7 KB

9th Grade

Topics Language Tests 9th Grade.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 273.5 KB

10th Grade

Topics Language Tests 10th Grade.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 179.1 KB

11th Grade

Topics Language Tests 11th Grade.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 169.1 KB

Test Topics - Reading

All Levels

Every reading test you'll have this year will require:

- understanding the topic and main points

- answering comprehension questions

- understanding the vocabulary within the context of the readings

- applying the vocabulary of the readings in sentences and paragraphs

- expressing ideas and opinions based on the texts given

- relating background knowledge to the topics read

- distinguishing between fact and opinion

- identifying cause and effect

- identifying author’s purpose

- drawing conclusions

- identifying sequence of events

- making inferences

- comparing and contrasting

- finding the main idea, important facts, and supporting details 

School Documents



Protocolo Específico Sobre el Acoso, Mat
Adobe Acrobat Document 346.3 KB
Protocolo Específico Sobre Uso y Tráfico
Adobe Acrobat Document 353.2 KB
Protocolo Específico Sobre Violencia Fís
Adobe Acrobat Document 433.2 KB